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Services & Pricing

I'll be happy to tailor pricing and pet visits based on your individual needs. Each pet has his/her unique personality and traits and it's important that I meet with you to discuss their needs, daily routines, likes/dislikes, and for them to get to know me to minimize stress while you are away for the day or a vacay!

Because it is my responsibility to keep your pets healthy, happy & safe, I do have limited availability of out of town client scheduling. I also have trusted 'helpers' who can fill in for me if you and/or your pets are comfortable with another person visiting. This can be discussed if my schedule is full. 

MEET & GREET (Initial Consultation)

This is our meet & greet time where we get to know each other, access pet behavior & discuss pets need or your expectations along with pricing agreement. There is a $20 charge for the 20 minute consultation - $10 of the fee will be applied to your first service. House entry requirements, codes or keys, pet arrangements & final pricing for requested services will be discussed at this time. 


DAILY VISITS (Potty or Kennel Breaks)

$15 for a 15-20 minute potty break, feeding, quick walk or play time. Max of one per day. This service is designed for in-town clients who would like their pet let in or out during working hours or busy times. No feeding, but water will be refilled, especially during those hot summer months! If you would like additional visitation time, playtime or a longer walk, I will be happy to accommodate, time permitting. There is a $5 trip charge for each additional 5 miles outside of my regular service area.



Prices for these services: $25 for a 30 minute walk & $45 for one hour. I am comfortable with up to 4 pets from the same household as long as they are well behaved on a leash. If your pet prefers more vigorous exercise I'd be happy to jog/run to let that energy out (please factor in heat during peak seasons), price may vary.


Please note that for this type of service, I have limited availability for those wanting consistent visits - if I have out of town clients scheduled, their pets must be tended to first. There is a limited window where pets can be let out in mornings/evenings or walked during very hot months, therefore appointments are limited. When the weather is cool, walks can be scheduled around out of town clients, and I'm more than happy to accommodate! 

If your pet prefers to play fetch, or just needs some extra TLC we can do that as well! There is a $5 trip charge for each additional 5 miles outside of my regular service area.



Pets are happiest when they are in their own home, with familiar sights, sounds, and smells, and their routines go uninterrupted. Services include visits, walking or playtime, feeding & clean up. Flat rate of $65 for 3 visits per day, 25 minute minimum per visit (I try to provide a longer visit, time permitting based on availability) with your choice of activities. Food, water, clean up, collect mail/packages, etc. A doggie door or open access to the outdoors is a plus! If you feel your pet needs extra time, an additional visit or attention or if I observe abnormal behavior or change in temperament, let's communicate for a solution! I'd like you to be worry free while away. Prices will vary based on distance traveled, amount of pets needing care, and additional services requested.



Boerne housesitting services are available upon request/availability so you can feel confident that your property is looked after while you are away. If you prefer an overnight stay with your pet or simply would like Boerne house-sitting services, we can discuss options and availability at the initial consultation or via email/phone/text. Prices will vary based on distance traveled, amount of pets needing care, and additional services requested: trash take out, light cleaning, rotation of lights & blinds, plants, & in-home overnight pet stays. Average price per night is $55 - including morning/late evening feed, and one day time visit.

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